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Sunday, November 4th 2018, 12:55pm

2 December
Phillips has announced today that its subsidiary, Philips Electrical Co. (India) Pvt Ltd. in Kolkata will begin manufacturing radios alongside its successful lamp-manufacturing factory.

4 December
The modernisation of the escort fleet of the Navy continues unabated after years of delay. The FF46 Class frigates FF-55 and FF-56 have commissioned with the 14th Escort Flotilla at The Hague and will be followed by the DEI-built FF-57 and FF-58 which will join the 1st Escort Flotilla at Balikpapan on 8 December.

7 December
The Kongolese government announced this morning that they would finally accept the Customs Unions Bill. This completes the approvals and hopefully by 1 January 1949 a complete system will be in operation.