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Thursday, October 6th 2016, 4:24pm

If the specs are historical, then I shan't protest... but... I'm still really curious as to *why* the weight is so much lower than I'd expected. I'd totally see this as correct for a recoilless rifle, but it's apparently... not?

*Scratches head*

Most of the Cockerill/Mecar guns are marketed as main caliber armament for light armored vehicles, and the specs often refer to the gun alone. When I went hunting for data I could find a weight reference to the Cockerill Mk.8 gun of 750kg - but that was for the gun exclusive of its turret. As only 117 towed guns appear to have been made, and some of those mounted by the Israelis on M3 halftracks, there does not seem to be much demand for data on that particular configuration. It's probably in a paper resource somewhere, but might not have made it on line.

Edit: The postwar Swiss 90mm PaK 50/57 might be useful for guidance purposes.


Saturday, October 8th 2016, 10:25am

Ok, I'll go with 716kg based off the Swiss guns.
I guess Bruce's logic is correct, I've seen the same figure in a book but its obvious someone a long time ago was deceived by the marketing materials or made a simple mistake.


Wednesday, September 26th 2018, 8:46pm

New stuff for 1949 comprises:

The Cockerill C 90 / L32 90mm Anti-Tank Gun under development since 1947 will enter production.

A new vehicle entering service next year is the T-22, also known as the CATI 90 (Canon antitank d'infanterie automoteur 90mm), a self-propelled gun based on the VUC-2 armed with a Cockerill C 90 / L32 90mm anti-tank gun. 100 were ordered in March 1947.
Weight: 9.84 tons laden
Length: 14 ft 9 in (4.49 m)
Width: 7 ft 7 in (2.28 m)
Height: 5 ft 7 inch (1.70 m)
Engine: 110hp Bedford V-8 petrol, Hortsmann suspension
Speed: 31 mph (50 km/h)
Operational range: 125 miles (200 km)
Armament: 1x 90 Cockerill C 90 / L32 and provision for 1x pintle-mounted 1x 7.65mm FM-30 FN-Browning
Armour: 25-8mm
Crew: 4

A new weapon entering development next year is a new project from Fabrique Nationale for a new general purpose light machine gun.

7.65mm FN MAG
Development of this new machine gun began in 1949 and prototypes will begin testing in 1950. It is an entirely new design and will be offered in 7.65mm and 7.62mm calibres.
Calibre: 7.65x53 Mauser
Action: automatic, selective fire, gas-operated
Length: 1,232 mm
Weight: 10.9 kg
Magazine: belt feed
ROF: 750-1,000rpm
Effective range: 1,200m (max range 1,800m)