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Sunday, June 3rd 2018, 12:55am

The Philippine Navy is quite content to welcome the 30th Flotilla. Perhaps they might call at Cavite in the future.


Sunday, June 3rd 2018, 11:08am

Once they get bedded in, I'm sure the 30th Flotilla will visit their friends in Cavite. I'm sure they might even pay a visit to to Japan one day.


Saturday, July 14th 2018, 5:26pm

5 October
Delegates to a conference organised by Sir Julian Huxley at Fontainebleau agree to formation of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

6 October
Sir Henry Gurney is appointed High Commissioner of Malaya.

10 October
The Hoover Company today opened a new factory for the mass production of washing machines at Merthyr Tydfil in Wales.


Saturday, August 4th 2018, 10:16am

12 October
The Topical debate programme Any Questions? is broadcast on the BBC Home Service for the first time today. There is a rule that no questions can be asked on topics that have been discussed in the Houses of Parliament during the last two weeks.

The first prototype Gloster Meteor F.Mk.VIII fighter, serialled VT130, made its maiden flight today. This improved Meteor has an extended nose by 30 inches to improve directional stability and a new tail unit to maintain the centre of gravity. A retractable gunsight and a Martin-Baker ejection seat are also fitted. 450 are on order for delivery from 1950 onwards.

16 October
The Army has begun field tests with a batch of twenty 7x43mm chambered FN FAL automatic rifles.