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Saturday, November 4th 2017, 12:28pm

12 May

The Courts Martial of Navy released its verdict following its in camera hearing.
Schout bij Nacht Mertens sat in the centre of the long table as the defendants were called in one by one to hear their verdict.

Luitenant ter Zee der 2e klasse Schelk, the K-34's navigation officer was exonerated, much to the officer's relief. Being a mid-career officer a negative verdict could easily have ended his career or would have seen him shore-bound at the least.

Luitenant ter Zee 3de klasse Bocuhet, the young radio officer aboard the K-34 was held responsible for the poor performance of the men under his command. The judges ruled his training had been insufficient and that he had lacked oversight of his mens' duties. He was ordered to retake the officer course at the Officers College before he could be re-assigned to any ship or shore-based supervisory role, but he escaped demotion from the officer ranks or expulsion from the service. Whether it would stain his subsequent career was something only time could tell.

Seaman Taschen, the radio operator on duty at the time of incident was exonerated. He could rejoin the K-34 and complete the rest of his submarine training course.

Seaman Prits, the radio operator who had come off duty before the incident and who had misfiled the vital communique RS/A-203N-64 and failed to give his relief a proper briefing before leaving the radio compartment was found guilty of gross negligence and was expelled from the service.

13 May
In a brief communique the Navy Ministry announced that that following a courts martial, one sailor from the K-34 had been dismissed for gross negligence while on duty and one officer had been cautioned for his actions leading up to the incident.


Friday, November 10th 2017, 8:31pm

26 May
The T.O.P. (Tot Ons Plezier)multi sports club in Paramaribo, Suriname has been renamed from N.A.K.S. (Na Arbeid Komt Sport). Aside from Football, NAKS also has a korfball and gymnastics teams.

30 May
The Army has sent several teams to represent the Netherlands in the competitions of the 1948 Militariad held in Russia against some of the best military completion teams from across Europe.
A team drawn from the 4th Panser Regiment, including four Dutch T-44 tanks which were shipped to the Alabino Proving Ground near Moscow, participated in the Armoured Spearhead. This event pitted a platoon of medium tanks and their crews to a timed cross-country drive through obstacles including hills, water obstacles, tank traps, and rough terrain, ending on a shooting range with pop-up targets, to be engaged both with main gun and machine guns. The 4th Panser team came second behind the French and ahead of a strong German team.
Other teams participating in other events were; three teams drawn from the Regiment Limburgse Jagers, the Regiment Infanterie Oranje Gelderland and the Garderegiment Grenadiers en Jagers in the Grenadier Challenge, a team from the 1e Royal Guard Dragoon Regiment in the Presentation, a team from the 1e Parachute Fusilier Regiment in the Parachute Raid, a team drawn from the Regiment Stoottroepen King William in the 250km Raid, another team drawn from the Garderegiment Grenadiers en Jagers in the Sapper's Challenge and two teams drawn from the 5th Regiment Korps Veldartillerie and the 3rd Regiment Korps Veldartillerie in the Thunderbolt / Artillery Biathlon. The sole silver medallist finish helped the Netherlands to finish in sixth place overall, but several Army sources have noted disappointment that the other Dutch teams did not fare better, but others have pointed out that resources were scare and only a few teams could make the event.