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Thursday, September 28th 2017, 12:32am

Preliminary Profile - Soko Strsljen Single-seat Fighter Aircraft

Wingspan: 7.70 metres
Length: 7.72 metres
Height: 2.19 metres
Wing area: 10.50 sq. metres
Empty weight: 2,046 kg
Loaded weight: 3,636 kg

Armament: Two fixed 20mm cannon with 120 rpg plus underwing hardpoints for 500 kg ordnance

Powerplant: Two Junkers Jumo 004 B-1 turbojets, each rated at 8.8 kN

Maximum speed: 820 kph
Maximum range: 820 km
Cruise speed: 750 kph at 5,000 metres
Service ceiling: 11,000 metres


Saturday, September 30th 2017, 2:25pm

It's difficult to compare like for like with an historical aircraft when AU changes have been made, but this looks ok and in the right ballpark for a larger and more powerful development of the historical Ikarus 451MM