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Wednesday, April 5th 2017, 6:25pm

Junkers Ju322 Heavy Bomber Aircraft

Initial design work was begun by Junkers in 1946, with the formal development contract being issued in the wake of the cancellation of the Heinkel P1068. A prototype is expected to fly in mid-1948.

Technical Data

Engines: Six Junkers 012 turbojet engines each rated at 3,000 kg (29.4 kN) thrust

Wingspan: 32.4 metres
Length: 30.8 metres
Height: 8.4 metres
Wing area: 161 square metres
Empty weight: 31,300 kg
Maximum permissible load: 65,000 kg

Maximum speed: 840 kph
Cruising speed: 475 kph
Rate of climb: 15.5 metres/second
Service ceiling: 12,500 metres
Range with maximum fuel load: 6,500 kilometres
Range with maximum war load: 4,000 kilometres

Defensive armament: two 20mm cannon in dorsal, ventral, and rear turrets, remotely controlled from cockpit

Offensive armament: Maximum bombload 5,000 kg