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Monday, February 6th 2017, 6:36pm

I have updated the Chilean news for 1945 with the following additions:


Friday, February 23, 1945
Rumors from Lima indicate that a coup has been initiated by the Peruvian military, following a period of rising criticisms about the current Galvez-led government. In a short press release provided late in the evening, President Castro indicated that Chilean military commanders in the Arica region had been informed and ordered to a higher state of alert as a precautionary measure, but did not anticipate any conflict. A LAN Chile Lockheed Constellation, flying from Panama to Santiago with a fuel stop in Lima, reportedly encountered a four-hour refueling delay before it was cleared to proceed. The President made no further comments about the rumored coup, noting that the scarcity of good information made it unclear what was actually occurring. Finally, any Chilean citizens visiting in Peru are encouraged to exercise caution in their travels, and contact the French or German embassies in Lima for assistance.

Wednesday, February 28, 1945
Five days after a military coup that pushed the elected Galvez-Baylon government out of power in Peru, the Chilean government officially commented on the issue. Although officially condemning the military's dismissal of the democratic process, Santiago acknowledged that the Peruvian congress had largely ceased to function in the last few weeks before the coup. No information is available about President Galvez or Prime Minister Baylon, who are rumored to have been disposed of by the military plotters, or possibly fled the country.