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Monday, December 1st 2014, 11:23pm

Whether the Ninjatousaya is being used or not would depend on the speed of the German ships due to the force on the mast at higher speeds.

As for the depleted batteries, the Japanese have a great way to deal with that...

... it'll just take a while before all batteries are recharged. :D


Tuesday, December 2nd 2014, 12:18am

Whether the Ninjatousaya is being used or not would depend on the speed of the German ships due to the force on the mast at higher speeds.

Indeed - which is why you'd either be running your batteries flat, or coming up to run on the surface. :)


Tuesday, December 2nd 2014, 12:51am

... or remain submerged, return to old heading, slow down, raise Ninjatousaya, start diesels, recharge batteries.


Wednesday, December 3rd 2014, 3:48pm

Submarine I-308, East China Sea. August 30, 1945
"Captain! Escort changing course, turning to port!" Hisao called out.

"So they are aware of us and finally decided to do something..." Miyuki mumbled while she was changing the various calculations in her notebook. "Down scope and go down a bit to 50 feet," she told. "Decrease power output to 20%."

While the orders were being carried out, Miyuki walked forward to the sonar room where she joined Petty Officer Otohito the submarine's sonar man.

"Well?" Miyuki asked as she sat down in the small seat next to the door opening of the sonar room.

"She's going to pass on our port side, captain," Otohito told. "It sounds like she has slowed down a bit."

"They will probably be trying to get behind us to make it hard for you to track them," Miyuki replied. "What about the other two?"

Otohito turned the wheel controlling the hydrophones clockwise and listened to pick up the sounds from the two cruisers. "Continuing on their course... distance increasing..." Otohito then returned to follow the escort ship which was now somewhere behind them to the left.

"... to be expected..."

"She's moving behind us, captain," Otohito then said.

"That is okay. We are playing it safe. We do not want them to accidentally run over us." Miyuki leaned out of the sonar room a bit. "Hisao. Down another 10 feet and power to 15%."

"Understood," Hisao replied.

A few moments later, the loud noise of the escort's active sonar could be heard by all.

"How kind. Letting us know where they are..." Otohito mused.

"Yes, either that or letting us know that they know that we are down here," Miyuki said. "Of course, we already know that they know that we are down here."

"You want me to give them a reply?"

"Seems to be proper to do..." Miyuki looked down at her calculations in the notebook. "Engines to 100%," she relayed to Hisao. "Once we are at speed, turn port to new heading 2-0-5." She looked at Otohito. "Go active as a sign of greetings to the Germans once the turn is complete. Once we are at full speed, they will probably realize that we are Japanese. After all, there aren't many submarines in the world that can go as fast as we can under water."


Saturday, January 31st 2015, 4:04pm

September 17, 1945
Naval Command has received some design plans of so-called superships from the Naval Design Bureau. While some were dismissed as being too unrealistic (like project Arahabaki, a battleship with a huge bow-mounted drill and huge circular saws on the sides), Naval Command did show interest in Project Harima, a huge twin-hulled battleship armed with numerous triple 20" gun turrets, and Project Musuperuheimu, a huge triple-hull vessel where the center hull is that of a battleship and the two outer hulls are that of a carrier. However due to the sheer size of these superships, experts believe that it is unlikely that the construction will start any time soon, if at all.

September 30, 1945
After the 'incident' involving a Bretagne transport from the Indochinese Air Defense Group being shot down by the Chinese near Formosa, the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Army announced that they would intensify activity in and around the western Ryukyu region with increased patrols by both ships and aircraft.

Long range aerial patrols are also being planned so fighters can move in to assist planes that become victim from Chinese aggression when called upon.

October 4, 1945
There is not much progress in the case of the blatant downing of the Indochinese transport plane. While one passenger, a Russian lieutenant, was released to the Russian embassy, the rest of the crew and passengers are still being held prisoner.

The Chinese claim that the plane flew over the island of Lan Yu while Indochina's statement is that the plane respected Chinese airspace and did not fly over the island.

While there is a radar station on Yonagunishima, the incident happened outside its range, although it is believed that even if they had picked it up, it would not have been possible to determine the plane's exact position at that range and determine who is right and who is wrong in this case.

October 8, 1945
A few days ago, almost the entire crew and passengers from the downed Indochinese transport plane was released, the only exception being the plane's commander, Captain Nguyen Loc. There are rumours about that Captain Loc was murdered by Chinese interrogators, although during a press conference yesterday, French foreign minister Gabriel Ducharme declined to comment on the issue when asked by Le Figaro if Captain Loc was indeed killed.

"The more this drags on, the more it becomes clear that this is yet another deliberate act of Chinese bullying," Prime Minister Tojo stated. "First the Philippines, then Chosen and now Indochina. It seems to me like they want to influence the outcome of the Indochina Plebiscite in some manner so that it becomes more easy for them to annex Indochina in the near future. While I would love to see an independent Indochina, I sure hope right now that their plans will backfire. The Indochinese know what they want and not China. It is about what is best for Indochina and what is right for Indochina and not what is best for China and what is right for China."

In the mean time, it was announced that numerous warships, both small and large, have arrived in the western Ryukyu region as well as several squadrons of long range fighters as part of the intensified activity plan announced at the end of September.


Sunday, February 1st 2015, 12:07pm

The Perfidious Lion notes the complete change of Sino-Nippon alliance to enemies.
Only a few years ago such comments would have been unthinkable.


Sunday, February 1st 2015, 9:56pm

Nothing's changed. The Perfidious Lion must be seeing things. :D