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Saturday, May 24th 2014, 2:34pm

Tanks of the Ejercito Argentina

T-1M31 Light Tank

8.5 tonnes, one 88hp diesel, 22mph, 110miles, 6-15mm armour, 37mm anti-tank gun firing HE and AP shells and one 7.92mm LMG, 3 crew.
All removed from service by the end of 1938 with around 20 remaining at the tank school.


Saturday, May 24th 2014, 2:35pm

T-2M34 Jaguar

13 tons, one FIAT 250bhp diesel, 40mph, 200 miles, 10-25mm armour, one 47mm gun firing HE and AP shells and two or three 6.5mm LMG, four crew.
These tanks were replaced by the T-3M36 during 1939-41. All are in storage except for 16 with the Tank School.


Saturday, May 24th 2014, 2:37pm

T-3M36 and T-3M43 Leopard

T-3M36 Leopard
20.4 tons, 5.86/3.32/3.25m, one FIAT 250hp diesel, 22mph, 200 miles, 50-15mm armour, one 47mm/L50 gun and two 7.92mm LMG, 5 crew.
A total of 69 are in service along with 30 with the tank school with 12 in storage.

T-3M43 Leopard
22.3tons, 5.86/3.32/3.25m, one FIAT 250hp diesel, 21mph, 189 miles, 60-15mm armour, one 47mm/L50 gun and two 7.92mm LMG, 5 crew.
An updated T-2M36 with 10mm thicker frontal armour and 10mm extra on the hull sides and upper rear hull, but the turret is unchanged. Modern radios are also fitted. 130 ordered in late 1942. A total of 120 are in service with 10 in storage.


Saturday, May 24th 2014, 2:39pm

T-4M38 (Panzer II Arg)

11.63 tonnes, 4.8/2.27/215m, one 240hp MAN diesel with 7-speed Renk transmission, 37mph, 156 miles, 35-8mm armour (Chassis armour: 35mm front, 15mm sides & rear, 8mm deck, 10mm belly, Turret armour: 35mm front, 20mm sides & rear, 8mm deck), one 47mm gun (60 rounds) and one 7.92mm LMG (1600 rounds), 3 crew.
72 ordered from Germany in 1938 to equip light tank companies followed by 24 more in 1940. 95 chassis ordered in 1942 and licence production of turrets by Adolfo Bash, an initial order for 55 being placed. A total of 144 are in service with 7 in storage along with 40 turretless chassis.


Saturday, May 24th 2014, 2:41pm

T-5M38 (Vickers Valentine)

39,000lbs, one 150hp AEC Type A179 petrol, 15mph (8mph cross-country), 180 miles, 65-8mm armour, one 47mm gun and one 7.92mm LMG, 4 crew.
72 ordered from Great Britain in 1938 to equip heavy tank companies. A total of 48 are in service with 48 in storage.


Saturday, May 24th 2014, 2:42pm

T-6M41 Nahuel (Tiger)

35,000kg (77,161lbs), one 500hp FMA-Lorraine Dietrich 12EB 12-cyl petrol, 24mph, 155 miles, 80-10mm armour, one 75mm M40 L/30 gun and one 13mm Browning co-axial and one bow and one turret roof 7.92mm LMG, 5 crew.
Designed by Arsenal Esteban de Luca during 1940 as a new heavy tank with armour to defeat current and future RSAA anti-tank guns and to also serve in the support role with lighter fast tanks. The armour is 80mm thick and sloped on the glacis plate. The engine is a modified aero engine built under licence by FMA with several changes to increase reliability and to improve cooling. The M40 L/30 gun is the M33 L/24 with a longer barrel and a new AP shell. HE can also be fired. Length is 6.22m, width 2.33m and height 2.95m. Vertical volute suspension is used and in general design the tank resembles the American M4. An initial batch of 24 was ordered in late 1940 and prototype trials began in May 1941. In 1943 another 24 were ordered.


Saturday, May 24th 2014, 2:44pm

T-7M45 Puma (M34/44 Triarii)

Length: 6.5m without gun
Width: 3m
Height: 2.7m

Weight 37.5 tons
Road Speed: 50kph
Off-road speed: 32kph
Fuel Capacity: 498L internal, 400L removable external
Range: 166km (Internal only) 300 km (Internal and external tanks)
Engine: 600hp Isotta-Fraschini diesel
Power/Weight ratio: 16hp/ton
Suspension: Torsion Beam, five road wheels
Turning Radius: 8 meters

Main Gun: 75mm L/46 Mod 34
Elevation: Front and sides -8 to +26, rear -3 to +26
Secondary Guns: Two 7.92mm MG, one hull mounted, one on top of the turret.
Other: Smoke grenade launchers.

Armour (degree inclinations are from vertical)
Front Upper Plate: 85mm @ 30
Front Lower Plate: 75mm @ 20
Side Upper Plate: 75mm @ 10
Side Lower Plate: 50mm @ 0
Rear Plates: 50mm @ 10
Top: 40mm @ 90
Bottom: 20mm @ 90
Turret Front: 90mm @ 30
Mantlet: 100mm @ Rounded
Turret Sides: 90mm @ 25
Turret Rear: 90mm @ 15
Turret Top: 40mm @ 90

338 ordered from Italy in late 1944 to supplement the T-3 fleet in the medium tank companies and to upgrade the armoured forces to include a core of 75mm armed tanks to match the latest RSAA developments. A total of 288 will be in frontline service with 50 earmarked for storage.