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Tuesday, October 29th 2013, 7:59pm


Originally posted by Kaiser Kirk
Slightly off topic, but which would one think is more relevant in hilly terrain - power to weight or ground pressure ? Hills are not something the Dutch have had to worry about, how to make a tank for close soft terrain is more their issue - and that's a ground pressure issue. I'd think hill climbing would be as well- more surface area to transfer the power before overcoming the sheer resistance of the surface.

I think there's some importance to both, but everything I've seen always indicates power-to-weight ratio is more important. Lower ground pressure isn't really helping unless sufficient power is getting to the treads in the first place. (Conversely, putting too much power onto too little surface area shan't be any better - though it'd be more pronounced with wheeled vehicles, i.e. spinning out on smooth surfaces.)

I've not made a habit of calculating and posting it, but I did so for the French Char-6 Bruyere. The Bruyere has very low ground pressure - IIRC, it's on par with some of your Dutch and Belgian designs, though I don't recall the numbers anymore.

Kaiser Kirk

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Wednesday, October 30th 2013, 3:25am

Curious, had just been reading of an advance where a Sherman platoon tried to climb a hill and got itself stuck in the mud. Which was better than the platoon that found the ATGs.

It's only the Dutch that push for that 8.5psi, though the Belgian Infantry assault gun (aka an SU-76) and Light tank (T-70v80) will have those types 7.25-9.5psi. Most WWII seems to have gone for the 11-13 range, as I've found with Tanksharp, the amount of metal for low PSI tracks adds up, adding weight and dropping speed. If someone's ever fool enough to take on the T-35C(9.1) or T-41A (8.5 ) in a marsh, deep mud, jungle or similar, it will pay off, but it's mostly wasted.


Wednesday, October 30th 2013, 3:39am

I just checked - the Char-6 Bruyere has 10.5 PSI ground pressure, and the Panhard EBR armoured car has about the same.


Friday, November 8th 2013, 6:03am


In naval news the Royal Romanian Navy lays down a light cruiser along with two destroyers this quarter.

The office of the Defence Minister, Marshal Ion Antonescu

"General, what is the status of our request for a modern medium tank?" asked Marshal Antonescu

"Sir, it appears the world wishes to sell tanks to Romania, our nation is well loved it seems. Or there just aren't many customers out there." replied Major General Korne.

"Although we may wish the first, its probably the second. What offers have we received so far?" asked the Marshal.

"Well sir, the Germans offered their Panther tank, it is an excellent tank if we were Germany. Sadly, we are Romania, so while it may have some promise as a breakthrough tank with modifications - its much to fast for one so its engine would need to be detuned to bring the top speed down to 10 km/h for instance. However, we don't really have a requirement for that sort of tank, and it is to heavy for us to use as a medium. Many of our bridges wouldn't take its weight. Czechoslovakia has an excellent heavy light tank in service, and it meets our requirements. I advise we order 10 for trials. Poland has a medium under development which looks promising, I would advise we also contact them for 10 vehicles for trials. The United States has their M4 Sherman, which I also advise we contact them with 10 vehicles for trials. Atlantis is offering its AT-39, which is an improved version of its AT-36 currently in service in Yugoslavia and indirectly Bulgaria. I suggest we order 10 of these for trials. Both the UK and France also offered their medium tanks, the Cromwell and the Char-8 Montbrun, I advise we order 10 each of these vehicles for trials." Korne replied.

"A fairly extensive list, this will be some extensive trials for us to undergo." Antonescu replied.

"Yes, but we shall be getting the best tank that best fits our requirements Sir." Korne said.

"Very well then General, see that it is done."


Sunday, November 24th 2013, 7:16am


In naval news the Romanian Navy lays down a light cruiser, as well two destroyers are launched this quarter. The Italian Battleship Trajan completes modernization and is transferred to the Romanian Navy.

In Army News, the number of Rosiori Divisions shrinks from 3 to 2, with the men and vehicles going to both existing Divisions or into reserve.


In aviation news, IAR completes its prototype of a light bomber/reconnaissance aircraft for the FARR. It makes it's first flight this quarter which is successful, FARR orders 120 aircraft, enough to equip 8 squadrons with 24 aircraft as spares.

In naval news, the Armoured Cruiser Constanta completes her modernization this quarter.