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Wednesday, February 15th 2012, 5:32pm

Hum! Interesting.


Thursday, February 16th 2012, 6:02pm

December 22
The Egyptian Engineering Agency has today opened for business. It is an importer and distributor of industrial goods for the metal and wood industries in Egypt and has been established in Cairo by Robert Dayoub.

December 30
A serious railway accident has occurred today at the east end of the station at Eccles, Lancashire. A westbound train passed danger signals in fog and collided at about 30 mph with an eastbound train traversing a crossover; 23 people were killed. A major contributory cause is thought to be that the signalman had erroneously suspended "fog working", which would give greater distances between trains, due to a misunderstanding about whether fogmen were on duty. The fog was worsened by the nearby Manchester Ship Canal and visibility was as low as 10 yards at the time of the accident.


Friday, February 17th 2012, 5:29pm

He opened the large tube carefully, unscrewing the cap he saw it was filled with papers. Carefully he tipped the tube and shook it just so the end of the papers protruded from the tube. He carefully grabbed one of the sheets between his forefinger and thumb and pulled. He opened the large sheet and unfurled the paper across his desk. "Hmm, well its obviously draughtsmen paper, it looks like a plan. What do you think Patterson? Is it genuine?" The other man peered over the plans with a studious gaze, after a moment he spoke, "Yes, yes I'd say these are genuine." The first man stroked his chin and then rolled up the paper and put it back inside the tube. He then took another tube from the half a dozen stacked on the chair. He did the same, shook it gently, selected a paper and had the other man study it. "As good as the first?" "Definately." "Good, then you leave tonight. You've passage on the BOAC Clipper leaving in the morning. One of my men Jones will go with you." "Very good, I'll go and pack." "I'll keep these under lock and key until the morning, I'll arrange their transportation to the plane. Have a pleasant trip Patterson." "I will. Thankyou Mr, err..." "Smith, call me Smith." "Ah, well then thankyou Mr Smith."