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Monday, July 26th 2010, 2:14am

I agree the Far East dioesn't make a lot of sense either. China and Japan peachy-peachy? Japan giving away freely all their gains of the Great War and before?
All I say is that sadly the mentality ruling is of late 20th Century-early 21st.

A Greek invasion of Smryna was called as one the reasons of the modern Turkish Nationalism by certain historians. Ignoring it would have created a different Turkey, if at all a nation called Turkey. An Italy gaining the Dalmatian Coast would have been in the route to a fight with Yugoslavia. Japan saw ruling China as a vassal state during the period as their right. The European nations of the period tend to don't give a hoot about large alliances due to the Great War experience and to what was going on away from their borders.

I try to run India as close as possible to a nation of the period. (no major alliances and the national interests ahead of anything else). I also find funny the reasons used for no wars( war weariness, etc) but if a war is looming far away from their borders nations in the alliances are more than willing to sent troops to the other side of the world no questions asked. So if they are willing to shed blood for nothing that will bring them benefit they should be more than willing to shed that same blood for their national interests.

Great Britain and the Germans getting cozy I can dig. The recent changes in Eastern Europe (PRJ first and then the Warsaw Pact) are pushing Germany out of their traditional markets. The recreation of the almost the same alliance (France-Russia and Atlantis) that fought with them in WW1 would make Germany very unhappy. At the same time British don't have a role in the Continent as large as historical so the events that kept the British and the Germans separated IOTL are not as strong. If I was Germany I resolve the Sudeten problem and put Hungary under their "economic" sphere before the Warsaw Pact makes a move.

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Monday, July 26th 2010, 2:21am


Originally posted by thesmilingassassin
India conquers Western Pakistan and everythings peachy.

I actually finds that close to the historical reaction to conflict during the period. A major war existed between China and Japan for four years and nobody lifted a finger except for economic sanctions. A Civil War raged for close to three years in Europe and nobody lifted a finger except for economic sanctions. Nations protesting is realistic for the period; nations running to sent troops anywhere in the World is not.

PS. Sorry about hijacking the thread. IMO at the latest entries should be deleted or moved now that it seems an agreement has been reached in regard to the use of heat weapons. The latest entries have nothing to do with the Yugoslavian thread.

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