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Yesterday, 12:29pm

Author: Hood

British Empire News 1949

The Old Bailey, London, 10:18am, Friday 21 January The bespectacled vicar was sworn in, hardly a necessary precaution for a man in his line of work. "You are the Reverend Charles Claridge?" asked Charles Ludicott-Peakes QC, the prosecuting counsel. "Yes Sir, I am." "And you run the Withington Shelter for the Homeless in your parish in Withington, Manchester?" Peakes glanced up from his notes. "I am indeed." "Reverend , could you please explain to the court what your work involves at the Shelter?...

Yesterday, 10:41am

Author: Hood

French News, 1948

*strokes beard* very interesting .

Tuesday, February 12th 2019, 11:21am

Author: Hood

Belgian News 1949

26 January Manufacture Belge de Lampes Electriques, famous for its Mazda brand lightbulbs, Adzam brand electron tubes and fluorescent tubes has branched out from lighting products and has begun manufacturing other electronic components for the growing telecommunications market. These new products are the result of work carried out in the company’s research lab, which opened in 1945. 1 February Astronomer Jean Meeus asserts that the orbits of all the planets of the Solar System are within the sam...

Tuesday, February 12th 2019, 11:19am

Author: Hood

Noticias Argentinas 1949

20 January The first six T-6M41 'Nahuel’ (Tiger) heavy tanks have arrived at the Arsenal Esteban de Luca for refitting. During the year the entire fleet of 48 Nahuel tanks will be refitted with a new 520hp V-12 diesel engine developed by HAFDASA and new radio sets. 22 January The Army has issued its 1949 TOE for a standard infantry division. The only major change is that the Reconnaissance Battalion will lose one Motorised Reconnaissance Company but the other will be issued with nine CA-6M45 Arm...

Monday, February 11th 2019, 4:45pm

Author: Hood

AA-51D Mustang IV RF.4

In 1944 the RAAF began looking at a long-range reconnaissance aircraft suitable for tactical as well as strategic roles. The AA-51 Mustang III long-range fighter appeared a ready-made platform and in March 1945 a production Mustang III was converted to reconnaissance configuration. The main change was a vertical and an oblique F.24 camera in the rear fuselage replacing the fighter's jumpseat (structural provision had already been made). Two wing-mounted machine guns were retained for self-defenc...

Sunday, February 10th 2019, 4:34pm

Author: Hood

United Kingdoms of the Netherlands News 1949

25 January Kapitein-luitenant ter Zee Phillip Buis stood in the office of the Chief of Staff of the Far East Fleet and was handed his next assignment. "Congratulations Kapitein, you have earned this posting. I'm sorry your illness forced a break in your sea career but you will do well in your new post. You are to replace Kapitein-luitenant Lacomblé as our naval attache to the Philippines." The Admiral shook his hand and thrust the envelope into his hand. "We will be sorry to loose you from the 2...

Saturday, February 9th 2019, 10:42am

Author: Hood

Unternehmen Wachsame Entschlossenheit

Wolverine had a job to do. Euryalus, Petard and Porcupine are just on a booze cruise. They could have visited Danzig but the Admiralty were weary of German sensitivities and limited their flag showing cruise. Saying that, the crews are listening on hydrohpones so don't think they aren't prepared.

Saturday, February 9th 2019, 10:37am

Author: Hood

Meanwhile, in Russia: 1948

Nice work! Plenty of giggles in that piece.

Friday, February 8th 2019, 5:01pm

Author: Hood

Commonwealth Adjustment

I've decided to ditch the XP-67 clone, the aerodynamics were not amazing OTL, especially around the stall and I doubt Australian Aviation could easily fix that even with sim 'hand waving'. Also, the RAAF has stacks of fighters. I've been tinkering with a replacement multi-role bomber to replace the Buckingham, Wombat and Dragonfly. It retains the Miles M.39 canard layout used on the AA-6 Dragonfly but beefed up all round and with turboprop power. This looks feasible but a once over by other eyes...

Friday, February 8th 2019, 3:19pm

Author: Hood

BCAC Type 170 Wayfarer C.Mk.I

Military version of the BCAC Type 170 Freighter developed during 1944 for the RAF. 12 were brought by the RAAF and 12 by the RNZAF during 1945 and delivered in 1946. Crew: two Length: 73 ft 4 in (22.4 m) Wingspan: 108 ft 0 in (32.92 m) Height: 25 ft 0 in (7.62 m) Wing area: 1487 ft2 (138.13 m2) Empty weight: 29,950 lb (13,404 kg) Gross weight: 44,000 lb (19,958 kg) Powerplant: 2 × Bristol Hercules XXII 14-cylinder sleeve-valve radial piston engine, 1,770 hp (1,319 kW) each Performance Maximum s...

Friday, February 8th 2019, 3:11pm

Author: Hood

de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver

30 were acquired during 1948 for the RAAF and 12 for the RNZAF. Several of the RAAF examples have been fitted with fully Arcticised equipment for use with the Antarctic Support Flight. Crew: 1 Capacity: 6 passengers, 2,100 lb (953 kg) useful load Length: 30 ft 3 in (9.22 m) Wingspan: 48 ft 0 in (14.63 m) Height: 9 ft 0 in (2.74 m) Wing area: 250 ft2 (23.2 m2) Empty weight: 3,000 lb (1,361 kg) Gross weight: 5,100 lb (2,313 kg) Powerplant: 1 × Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Jr. radial engine, 450 hp (...

Friday, February 8th 2019, 3:07pm

Author: Hood

de Havilland Australia DHA-3 Drover

Design work on the DHA-3 began in 1943 after DHA identified a need to replace the de Havilland Dragon biplane then in widespread use in Australia. Although the British parent company's Dove was being produced at the same time, DHA saw that the Dove was not entirely suitable for Australian conditions. Using the Dove as a starting point, DHA designed an aircraft with three four-cylinder Gipsy Major engines instead of the Dove's two Gipsy Queen six-cylinder engines and a fixed tailwheel undercarri...

Friday, February 8th 2019, 2:56pm

Author: Hood

Transport Aircraft

de Havilland DH.84 Dragon 87 were licence-built during 1935-38 for the RAAF for the transport and training roles. The majority were fitted for navigation and wireless operator training. In addition 65 were built up until 1940 for civil operators, including Qantas, Trans-Australian Airlines and the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Crew: one, pilot Capacity: 6–10 passengers or an instructor and three pupils Length: 34 ft 6 in (10.52 m) Wingspan: 47 ft 4 in (14.43 m) Height: 10 ft 1 in (3.07 m) Wing ar...

Friday, February 8th 2019, 10:58am

Author: Hood

Unternehmen Wachsame Entschlossenheit

The Royal Navy is delighted their presence gives the German and Russian crews some time out of harbour.

Thursday, February 7th 2019, 5:00pm

Author: Hood

Vought OS2U3 Kingfisher

Twenty aircraft acquired by the RANAS and RNZAF in 1945 for use aboard light cruisers in the reconnaissance role. Crew: Two, pilot and observer Length: 33 ft 10 in (10.31 m) Wingspan: 35 ft 11 in (10.95 m) Height: 15 ft 1.5 in (4.61 m) Wing area: 262 ft² (24 m²) Empty weight: 4,123 lb (1,870 kg) Max. takeoff weight: 6,000 lb (2,721 kg) Powerplant: 1 × Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-2 radial engine, 450 hp (336 kW) Maximum speed: 164 mph (264 km/h) Range: 805 mi (1,296 km) Service ceiling: 13,000 ft (...

Thursday, February 7th 2019, 4:26pm

Author: Hood

Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CAC-25 Winjeel

Crew: two Capacity: two seats side by side under rearward-sliding canopy with provision for a third seat in rear of cabin Length: 29 ft 0​1⁄2 in (8.55 m) Wingspan: 38 ft 7​1⁄2 in (11.77 m) Height: 9 ft 1 in (2.77 m) Wing area: 249 sq ft (23.1 m2) Airfoil: NACA 23015 at root, NACA 23010 at tip Aspect ratio: 6.0:1 Empty weight: 3,289 lb (1,495 kg) Loaded weight: 4,265 lb (1,939 kg) Powerplant: 1 x Alvis Leonides IV 126 9-cylinder radial engine, 550 hp (390 kW) Maximum speed: 201 mph (174 knots, 3...

Thursday, February 7th 2019, 3:59pm

Author: Hood

Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CAC-16, CAC-19 & CAC-20 Wirraway

Crew: 2 Length: 27 ft 10 in (8.48 m) Wingspan: 43 ft 0 in (13.11 m) Height: 8 ft 8¾ in (2.66 m) Wing area: 255.75 ft² (23.76 m²) Empty weight: 3,992 lb (1,810 kg) Max. takeoff weight: 6,595 lb (2,991 kg) Powerplant: 1 × Pratt & Whitney R-1340 radial engine, 600 hp (450 kW) Maximum speed: 191 knots (220 mph, 354 km/h) Cruise speed: 135 knots (155 mph, 250 km/h) Range: 720 miles (630 nm, 1,158 km) Service ceiling: 23,000 ft (7,010 m) Rate of climb: 1,950 ft/min (9.9 m/s) Variants CAC-16: advanced...

Thursday, February 7th 2019, 3:50pm

Author: Hood

Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CAC-12 Wackett Trainer

Crew: 2 Length: 7.92 m (26 ft 0 in) Wingspan: 11.28 m (37 ft 0 in) Height: 3 m (9 ft 10 in) Empty weight: 866 kg (1,910 lb) Gross weight: 1,175 kg (2,590 lb) Powerplant: 1 × Warner Scarab, 130 kW (175 hp) Maximum speed: 185 km/h (115 mph) Range: 684 km (425 miles) Basic trainer to replace the DH.82 Tiger Moth. Two Gipsy-Major prototypes built, first flown 19 September 1936, 200 production aircraft built for the RAAF 1938-40. Production aircraft all powered by Warner Scarab radial engines. 24 ex...

Thursday, February 7th 2019, 3:44pm

Author: Hood

Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CAC-35 Monarch AF.1

Airship-carried fighter. Statistics - Crew: 1 - Length: 22.4 ft - Wingspan: 21 ft - Height: 12 ft - Wing area: 135 ft² - Empty weight: 4,750 lbs - Loaded weight: 6,500 lbs - Powerplant: Orenda Oneida II (1750hp) - Armament: 4x12.7mm MG (nose), 100 pound payload - Armour: 6mm Backplate for Pilot Performance - Maximum speed: 435 mph @ 25,000 feet - Max Range: 750 mi - Service ceiling: 37,500 ft - Rate of Climb: 4,134 ft/min Developed from work conducted by Miles Aircraft in Britain and Commonwealt...

Thursday, February 7th 2019, 10:29am

Author: Hood

British Empire News 1949

You are correct. I have amended the post. Aston, Palmer and Setter were persuaded to enter a guilty plea to secure a more lenient sentence in view of the assistance they gave and also to avoid dragging too much dirty linen into public, especially in the case of Aston and his work for British intelligence. Also the storyline has been discussed in depth elsewhere so there is no OOC need to retell the tale all over again.